Unhulled Sesame seeds

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Unhulled sesame seeds are sesame seeds that retain their outer seed coat. These seeds offer a robust, nutty flavor and a tan/brown color. They bring distinct advantages to culinary endeavors:

  • Intense Flavor: this product boasts a stronger and nuttier taste compared to their hulled counterparts.

  • Rich Nutritional Profile: The seeds are a good source of essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, and various minerals.

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for baking, cooking, and garnishing dishes, adding a unique texture and flavor.

  • Tahini Base: Often used to make tahini, a flavorful paste popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.

  • Extended Shelf Life: The natural hull provides protection, contributing to a longer shelf life for the sesame seeds.

Incorporate unhulled sesame seeds into your recipes to enhance both taste and nutritional content.

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