3 Reasons to Try a Composting Service

Sep 27, 2022

Composting is a powerful way for individuals, strata, event hosts and companies alike to help the planet by properly disposing of and repurposing food and organic waste.

But composting when you live in a city or have a housing complex or business to run can feel tricky – where do you put the food and organic waste? How do you dispose of it safely? What do you do with it after it breaks down?

That’s where a composting service comes in! With a composting service like ours, everything is taken care of from beginning to end. Keep reading to learn more!


How a Composting Service Works

It will depend a little on your city and the systems in place there, but our composting service follows four simple steps that maximize convenience for our clients:

  1. A clean, empty bin is delivered right to you.
  2. You fill up the bin with as much organic waste as you can!
  3. Once or twice per week, our team picks up your full bin and leaves you with a new, clean bin.
  4. Your organic waste is taken to a local facility and is used to make nutrient-rich landscaping products, which are used right here in the Fraser Valley!

So that’s the how – but what about the why? Why should you use a composting service? Here are three great reasons to use a composting service!

Close Up Of Woman Making Compost From Vegetable Leftovers In Kitchen

3 Reasons to Use a Composting Service

It’s more convenient than doing it yourself

With someone else handling the cleaning and emptying of your compost bin, all you need to think about is getting the organic waste into the bin! That means you never have to clean out yucky, smelly compost bins or worry about emptying the bin when it’s full.


A composting service helps you avoid smells and bugs

A regular pick-up schedule and professionally cleaned bins being delivered right to your door help to ensure smells don’t start emanating from your compost bin, and those ever-pesky fruit flies don’t have a chance to get a hold of fruit and veggie scraps.

Plus, when you always have room in your compost bin for new food scraps and organic waste, it makes it that much easier to keep your kitchen or food prep area clean!


It’s good for the planet

Ordering a composting service is not only good for you – it’s good for the planet! When we repurpose food scraps and organic waste, we create nutrient-rich soil that can be used for landscaping, gardening and more and helps avoid the use of chemical fertilizers.

On top of that, composting helps keep organic matter out of landfills where its usefulness would be wasted.


So, ready to take the plunge into composting? Or maybe you’re already a composter but want help managing your composting? We can help! Read more about how our composting service works for individuals, stratas, events and businesses and contact PickEco Refills to get started! We can be reached by phone or email:

Phone: 604-392-9990

Email: contact@pickeco.ca