5 Zero Waste Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Oct 1, 2022

With the change of weather, comes those inevitable first sniffles of the season.  This year especially, we want to keep our immune system in top shape.  Here are five zero waste ways to help boost your immune system this Fall.


Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients and vitamins that give your immune system the juice it needs to fight off viruses.  Make sure you’re getting fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. The best places to find zero waste fruits and veggies are at your local farmer’s market or in the produce section. Where you can, choose loose fruits and vegetables to avoid the extra plastic! And while you’re at it, why not trade your plastic-packaged (and probably not super healthy) snacks for an apple or some carrot sticks?  Your immune system will thank you for those extra vitamins and you won’t be throwing away extra plastic! Our favourite Chilliwack places to buy fruits and veggies during the winter are Produce Gone Wild and The Local Harvest Market.


Supplement Your Vitamins

We get it.  Everyone gets busy and it’s tough to make every meal an optimally nutritious one.  So, if you can’t stuff each meal full of fresh fruits and vegetables, make sure to add supplements. Or as an easy meal replacement, make a smoothie and throw in some spinach and hemp protein powder.  You’ll find these and other supplements in our online store! 

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Keep Warm and Cozy with Tea

Tea has many antioxidant properties that help prevent or slow the damage to your cells. When drinking tea, be sure to choose loose-leaf tea. Tea bags contain plastic fibers in them.  Studies have shown that a single tea bag can release billions of microplastic particles into your tea!  Make sure to have your tea without the plastic by checking out our selection of loose-leaf teas.

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Minimize Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on our system. It makes us eat more (and things we shouldn’t). It makes us irritable. It ruins our sleep.  Finding ways to minimize stress through exercise, meditation, or simply taking a few deep breaths, helps lower our stress levels. Adding a little lavender essential oil to a diffuser can also help you relax and reduce stress. Plus it smells wonderful!

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Get Better Sleep

Sleep is the time for our bodies and cells to repair itself. You need sleep and if you’re like us, you LOVE sleep! After you’ve relaxed yourself and minimized your stress, make sure to create an environment that’s conducive to good sleep. Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Also, remove all screens from your bedroom. The blue light from screens tells your brain that it’s daytime and makes you less sleepy! Make sure you cut out the screen time at least an hour before bed. Finally, choose organic cotton bedding. Natural fibers breathe better, which keep you cooler when you sleep.