5 of our Fave Natural Remedies

Oct 1, 2022

It’s no secret we’re suckers for a natural alternative! Which is why we wanted to share with you some of our favourite natural remedies. Here they are!


Ginger Tea for Indigestion

We’re sure you’ve heard of ginger-ale for an upset tummy, but opting for ginger tea could be a better move! Carbonation and Sugar, both heavily present in ginger-ale, can cause further irritation of the stomach. Ginger tea cuts straight to the source and aides gas, bloating and cramps!


Peppermint for Headaches

Skip the acetaminophen next time you feel a headache coming on and give Peppermint oil a try first! With a rollerball gently massage a very small amount of peppermint oil into you temples and neck. Peppermint Oil helps relax muscles when facing a tension headache or migraine! (Always dilute essential oils before using topically).


Lavender Oil for Stress

This one is a classic! But do you know why it is supposed to be so great for stress and anxiety? According to Aromatherapy, smelling lavender According to the principles of aromatherapy, breathing in the scent of lavender essential oil or applying diluted lavender essential oil to the skin transmits messages to the limbic system, a part of your brain that communicates with your nervous system and that helps regulate emotion. Pretty cool!


Cloves for Toothaches

There really is not pain like a tooth pain. They can be debilitating and down right unbearable. Cloves contain eugenol. It works as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Simply take a whole clove and place it directly on the affected area for an all natural pain relief!


Aloe for Burns

Aloe Vera not only works an anti-inflammatory on burned skin, but it also promotes circulation and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and infections. It works great for aiding the stinging and itching that comes along with a bad burn as well, and helps sunburns prevent peeling!


IMPORTANT: please note that we are not trained medical professionals. Always check with your doctor for contradictions in your medication and before using any aid. We emphasize the importance of proper dilutions of essentials oils and never ingesting essential oils.