How to Make Your Own Zero-Waste Essential Oil Perfume (+ Recipes)!

Mar 12, 2022

What better way to find your next signature scent than by making it yourself? Essential oil perfume can be as simple as a single perfume in a carrier oil (like lavender or rose!), or as complex and unique as a blend with multiple different oils. 

If you’re looking for a quick guide on how to create your own zero-waste essential oil perfume, you’re in the right place! This guide will walk you through the basics and even give you a few recipes to try. 

You can find all the supplies you’ll need in our store or online. Keep reading to learn how to make you’re own! 


Know your Ingredients

We recommend researching for any warnings or precautions for the essential oils you choose, just to make sure they are suitable for your lifestyle. For example, some oils are better suited for use during pregnancy and around children than others.


Dilute Your Essential Oils

Dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil before applying them to the skin to ensure safe use.

We recommend using a 3-5% dilution for your perfume and apply it only to your pulse points. It’s amazing how fragrant it is even at this concentration!


Understand Top, Middle and Bottom Notes

If you’re creating a blend of oils, balancing the scent well will help it wear longer and creates a more well-balanced scent. Top notes are most immediately noticeable but fade quickly (usually within 15 minutes). Middle notes really carry the scent and may fade within an hour or so. Bottom notes are the longest-lasting and are what allow you to rock your signature perfume all day, and are the notes you’ll catch whiffs of as you go about your day.

Here are a few examples of each to choose from for your own blend: 

- Top notes: bergamot, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, sweet orange, peppermint, tangerine, spearmint.
- Middle notes: chamomile, cinnamon leaf, clary sage, coriander, cypress, ginger (middle or base), jasmine absolute, juniper berry, lavender, neroli, nutmeg, black pepper, pine, rose, rosemary, ylang ylang (middle or base).
- Bottom notes: cedarwood, clove, frankincense, ginger (middle or base), myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, ylang ylang (middle or base).


    Supplies You’ll Need

    - One 10ml roller bottle
    - 10 ml of unscented carrier oil (try fractionated coconut oil or refined jojoba oil)
    - Your favourite essential oils
    - At least one dropper; one dropper per oil

        We can even blend your choices for you so you can reduce waste, save time and save money! Just come visit us in downtown Chilliwack and let us know what you’d like in your blend.


        How to Craft Your Own Perfume

        It’s super easy to make your own essential oil perfume! Ready to try it yourself? Throw on some gloves and follow these simple steps:

        - Step 1: Remove the top of your roller bottle.
        - Step 2: Add 6-10 drops of essential oil (this creates a 3-5% dilution). Start by trying a 2-1-1 ratio for top, middle and bottom notes, respectively. For example, if you add 2 drops of your top note, add 1 drop of each of the middle and bottom note essential oils. This is just a good starting point though, not a hard and fast rule! So mix it up and experiment as much as you like!
        - Step 3: Fill the roller bottle with your carrier oil and reattach the top to the roller bottle.

          So easy, right? Blending the oils is simple, but we know having some recipes to choose from can be helpful, especially if you’re trying this out for the first time. So, here are a few essential oils blends you can try! Just follow these ratios blended with 10ml of your choice of carrier oil. 

          Fruity + Floral

          • 2 drops bergamot
          • 2 drops sweet orange
          • 2 drops Neroli
          • 2 drops frankincense

          Citrus + Spice

          • 3 drops grapefruit 
          • 1 drop bergamot
          • 2 drops ginger 
          • 2 drops ylang ylang

          Floral + Earthy

          • 4 drops bergamot
          • 2 drops rose
          • 1 drops vanilla
          • 1 drops sandalwood

          Vanilla + Lavender 

          • 2 drops lavender
          • 1 drop ylang ylang
          • 2 drops vanilla 

          Warm + Spicy 

          • 2 drops bergamot
          • 2 drops sandalwood
          • 1 drop vanilla
          • 1 drop clove

          We hope this quick guide gave you all the information you need to start blending your own zero waste essential oil perfume! If you have a recipe in mind, we can even blend it for you! Just stop by our stop on Mill Street and let us know what you’d like!

          Stop by our store in downtown Chilliwack or visit us online to get all you need to make your own zero-waste essential oil perfume.