Our 10 Favourite Eco-Friendly Skincare Products

  • Mar 12, 2022
  • By Salina Derish
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Skincare is an essential part of many peoples’ wellness routine. Having healthy, glowing skin can help us both feel and look our best. And luckily for those who want to practice great skincare while also living out their values, there are plenty of eco-friendly skincare options available. From sunscreens to makeup remover to anti-aging serum, we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite low and zero-waste eco-friendly skincare essentials. Keep reading to learn more, and visit our shop online or in person in downtown Chilliwack to grab any of these items!


Green Goddess Balm

Great for topical skin healing for conditions like eczema and diaper rash, this natural and essential oil-free moisturizing balm is safe for all ages.

Natural Green Goddess Balm in a reusable zero-waste glass mason jar.


Mineral Sunscreen

Birch Babe’s certified SPF 30+ mineral sunscreen is creamy and hydrating like a moisturizer while being safe and protective without the use of harmful chemicals. Plus, it’s vegan, made with ethically-sourced ingredients and comes in an eco-friendly reusable tin.

Woman in grey workout grear holds reusable white tin of 100% mineral sunscreen from Birch Babe


Serum for Aging Skin

With known anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin E, rosehip oil, helichrysum oil, frankincense oil and carrot seed oils, our house-made anti-aging serum is effective for reducing the appearance of aging and is zero-waste to boot!


Glowing Orchid Face Mask

Choose from Pink Clay and Rose to balance and tighten the skin, or Charcoal and Turmeric to clarify and brighten.


Foster Renew Face Wash

Local BC-sourced ingredients (cruelty-free honey, vegetable castile soap, distilled water and organic extra-virgin coconut oil) in an easy-carry spray bottle make this unscented face wash the perfect travel companion for removing foundation and dirt and minimizing breakouts.


Day and Night Creams

Keeping skin hydrated during both morning and night is essential for making sure skin stays bright, hydrated and healthy. We carry locally made day and night creams.


Oil Cleanser

Oil cleanser is a great cleansing option, especially for those with sensitive or dry skin. It can remove makeup and other impurities without removing or damaging the skin’s natural protective and necessary oil layer, unlike detergent cleansers.


Konjac Sponge

Using a konjac sponge, which becomes soft and flexible when exposed to water, is a great tool for gentle skin exfoliation and cleansing.


Jade Roller

Using a jade roller on your skin is an effective way to give yourself a facial massage, which helps to improve circulation in the skin (which can improve the appearance of skin) and can help massage products into the skin, leading to better product penetration.

Flatlay of two jade face rollers. One is brown, on is green.

Choosing the right eco-friendly skincare product is important for maintaining optimal skin health. But before you dive in to trying any new skincare product, we always recommend performing a patch test before applying any produce all over your face or body to ensure you will not have any adverse reaction. Then, once the patch test shows you that you’re good to go and don’t react to the product, enjoy your eco-friendly, low or zero-waste skincare products knowing both you and the planet are feeling and looking great when you use it!