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Alep Soap, a traditional favorite, boasts natural benefits:

  • **Gentle Cleansing:** Mild formulation suitable for sensitive skin, maintaining natural moisture.

  • **Time-Tested Ingredients:** Olive oil and laurel oil combine for nourishment and antibacterial properties.

  • **Versatile Use:** Ideal for face, body, and even as a shampoo bar for all-around natural care.

Usage involves:

  • **Lather and Apply:** Work soap into a lather, apply to skin or hair.

  • **Gentle Massage:** Massage for thorough cleansing and relaxation.

  • **Rinse:** Rinse off for a refreshed, nourished feel.

Alep Soap offers a timeless, versatile, and nourishing cleansing experience, perfect for daily skin and hair care.

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