Revive Cuticle Oil 10ml roller bottle Evernia

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Evernia Cuticle Oil in a 10ml roller bottle offers distinct advantages. Its nourishing formula and convenient roller application revitalize and strengthen cuticles effortlessly.



  • **Nourishing Formula:** Enriched with essential oils, providing deep hydration to dry and damaged cuticles.

  •  **Convenient Roller Bottle:** Easy application with a roller for mess-free and targeted use.

  • **Strengthens Cuticles:** Regular use strengthens and promotes healthy cuticle growth.

  • **Compact Size:** Portable and ideal for on-the-go cuticle care.

  • **Pleasant Fragrance:** Infused with a pleasant scent for a delightful application experience.



  • **Roller Application:** Conveniently roll onto cuticles for targeted and hassle-free nourishment.

  • **Daily Cuticle Care:** Use daily to maintain and enhance the health of your cuticles.

  • **Travel-Friendly:** Compact roller bottle is perfect for cuticle care on the go.

  • **Post-Manicure Treatment:** Ideal for nourishing cuticles after a manicure or nail treatment.

  • **Revitalizes Nails:** Strengthens and revitalizes cuticles, promoting overall nail health.

Evernia Cuticle Oil in a 10ml roller bottle simplifies cuticle care with its nourishing formula and convenient application, ensuring healthy and revitalized nails.

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