Leaf replacement blades 50 single edge blades

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Leaf Replacement Blades, 50 single-edge blades, offer advantages for a seamless shaving experience. Sharp and durable, they ensure precise grooming.




  • **Sharp Blades:** Ensure a precise and clean shave.

  •  **Durable:** Long-lasting blades for extended use.

  • **Value Pack:** Includes 50 single-edge blades.

  •  **Easy Replacement:** Hassle-free blade changes.

  •  **Compatible:** Designed for Leaf razor systems.




  • **Precise Shaving:** Sharp blades for a clean and smooth shave.

  • **Extended Use:** Durable blades ensure long-lasting performance.

  •  **Convenient Pack:** 50 blades for continuous use.

  •  **Easy Replacement:** Hassle-free blade changes.

  •  **Leaf Razor Compatible:** Specifically designed for Leaf razor systems.


Leaf Replacement Blades, 50 single-edge blades, provide a value pack of sharp, durable blades for precise grooming in Leaf razor systems.

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