Liberty Menstrual Cup Size 1

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Liberty Menstrual Cup Size 1 is a game-changer for period care, offering comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness.



  • **Comfortable Fit:** Conforms to your body for a leak-free and comfortable experience.

  • **Eco-Friendly:** Reusable design reduces waste, promoting a greener environment.

  • **Cost-Effective:** One-time purchase lasts for years, saving you money on disposables.

  • **All-Day Protection:** Provides up to 12 hours of reliable leak protection.

  • **Hypoallergenic:** Made from medical-grade silicone, ideal for sensitive skin.



1. **Insertion:** Fold and insert the cup, allowing it to open and create a seal inside.

2. **Wear for Hours:** Enjoy leak-free protection for up to 12 hours, day or night.

3. **Removal:** Pinch the base to release the seal, then gently remove and empty.

4. **Clean and Reuse:** Rinse, clean, and reuse for an eco-friendly period care routine.

5. **Size 1:** Specifically designed for a comfortable fit for those with a lighter flow or beginners.

Upgrade your period care with Liberty Menstrual Cup Size 1 – a hassle-free, comfortable, and environmentally conscious choice.

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