Foster Toner

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Foster Toner is a skincare essential with clear advantages. Its gentle formula and balancing properties refresh and prepare the skin for optimal absorption.



  • **Gentle Formula:** Mild and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types.

  •  **Balancing Properties:** Restores skin's pH balance for a refreshed complexion.

  • **Prepares Skin:** Enhances the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

  • **Hydration Boost:** Adds a layer of hydration for a plump and supple feel.

  •  **Non-Drying:** Leaves the skin refreshed without causing dryness.



  • **Daily Refresh:** Apply morning and night to refresh and prepare the skin.

  •  **After Cleansing:** Use post-cleansing to restore skin's pH balance.

  •  **Hydration Base:** Enhances absorption of serums and moisturizers for effective skincare.

  •  **Midday Pick-Me-Up:** Spritz for a quick refresh and hydration boost throughout the day.

  • **All Skin Types:** Suitable for everyone, fostering balanced and healthy-looking skin.

Foster Toner simplifies your skincare routine with its gentle and balancing formula, ensuring refreshed and hydrated skin for optimal absorption.

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