• Can I bring my own containers?

    Yes please!! bring your own from home, they don’t even need to be totally empty! If you are putting oil in a container please make sure it is fully dried.

  • How much will it cost to fill this container?

    It depends on what you put in it of course! Some liquids weigh a gram per ml (water) but others are lighter or heavier, so there’s a variation. While staff can try and give you estimates, it is sometimes challenging to know exactly how much it will cost to fill your container. If you want a specific amount, just ask staff and they will happily measure it out for you with a scale.

  • Are you like bulk barn?

    Not really. We carry as many local foods and products as possible and we never send them out the door wrapped in plastic packaging. we also carry a variety of zero waste essentials like straws, bulk bags, and bamboo toothbrushes so you can effectively reduce your plastic footprint.

  • Is buying package free cheaper than buying packaged products at the grocery store?

    While there are some deals to be had, (ahem, spices), in many cases our products are more expensive than generic grocery store brands. A grocery store has massive buying power and we are but a small independently owned store. If you are used to buying organic and local goods in small packages then you will find our prices to be competitive, but please don’t ask us why our maple syrup costs more than it does at Costco, lets not forget Costco is a wholesale buying club, we just can’t beat their prices.

  • Are all of your products organic?

    No, about 70% of our products are organic. All of our soaps and detergents are lake/river safe and our foods have a variety of sourcing, some organic, and some not. If in doubt just ask.

  • Salina, how do you do it? how does PickEco produce zero waste!?!?

    Zero waste is a goal, ever changing and always evolving. While we send a small amount of unrecyclable refuse to the landfill, I truly believe it is never in a wasteful way. We work with our supply chain to reduce garbage from the manufacturing process all the way to the customer. Some companies are fully on board (Enviroglass straws, you little Eco heroes, you!) and other companies require feedback so they can change their ways… )no names mentioned here… yet) We only buy what food we truly believe we can sell and we discount food or give it away rather than throwing it out if it is reaching its “sell by” date. We are not perfect, just as we don’t expect you to be perfect, we are trying, you are trying, and we are all on the same team. (Team give a $h!#)