PickEco Compost


How it Works: A clean, empty bin is delivered right to you. Step 1 Fill it up with as much organic waste as you can! Step 2 Once (or twice) a week one of our team members will come by to take the full bin away and leave you with a new, squeaky-clean bin! Step 3 All the bins are dumped at a local facility. They use it to make nutrient-rich landscaping products used right here in the Fraser Valley!

Commercial Services Pick Eco Compost offers compost programs for your business. We will help assess your needs by giving you a free week trial to see how much compost you will be diverting, how many bins you will need, and how often you will need a pick up. Our company has successfully done this for manufacturing plants, retail stores, coffee shops, florists, schools, professional offices and more Need us to keep track? We can do a yearly diversion report so you know how much organic waste you are diverting from the landfill Professional, clean, and quick service. All we do is come in and swap the bin. No cleaning or dumping on site Each bin has its own label detailing what is compostable – that way everyone can stay in the loop No more big, smelly dumpsters to attract pests Contact us

1. Select your bin size 2. Select your pick up schedule 3. A clean, empty bin is delivered to your front door 4. Put your compostables in the bin 5. On pick-up day put your bin outside your front door and one of our team members will come by and leave you with a fresh, clean bin ​Worried about the smell? Don’t be! Charcoal filters keep odours where they belong! Contact us

Strata Services No room for a giant dumpster on your common property? We can design an Organic Waste program including individual bins for each unit in your choice of size.

Event Services Pick Eco Compost can help you lessen your carbon footprint at weddings, company events, and fun runs. We drop off bins during the event set up and come back for them after clean up.