What We Do?

We are a team of passionate people working to make it easier for you to shop local, and make cautious shopping choices while working towards a zero-waste life.

Salina (she/her) Founder: SHE-E-O, director, founder, call her what you will, Salina decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world. Bringing a zero waste shopping experience to Chilliwack has been one of her proudest moments. Salina loves to mentor future zero waste store owners and speaks to classrooms filled with wide eyed children as a plastic oceans Canada ambassador.

Stephanie (she/her) The right hand woman! Stephanie is like PickEco’s second mom. She has been here since the day we got the keys and she has had a hand building almost every square inch of the store.

Kai (they / them) Inventory manager Kai is our expert Vegan, but lately they have taken a new role that keeps them out of the lime light! Kai works hard to make sure our inventory is up to date, its no small job with over 2500 products! Kai spends their free time volunteering at local animal shelters, knitting, drinking tea and cooking lovely plant based meals.

Carrie (she / her) social media Carrie is the mastermind behind all of those funny Reels and TikToks you’ve been seeing. She loves lists and organizing and spends her free time walking her dog and finding treasures at local thrift stores.

Jeff (he / him) Jeff is our dedicated compost driver! Jeff works hard behind the scenes to help divert THOUSANDS of kilograms of food waste from landfills through our customized compost program. Jeff is a dedicated vegan and spends his time searching thrift stores and marketplace for used vintage video games!