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Organic Blackstrap Molasses:

Organic Blackstrap Mola...

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Organic Blackstrap Molasses:

Organic Blackstrap Molasses are crafted from the purest, organically grown sugarcane. Its distinctive bittersweet taste carries notes of caramel and a hint of spice, creating a unique culinary experience that transcends the ordinary.

The versatility of blackstrap molasses extends beyond its remarkable taste. Here's a tantalizing list of what you can create with these molasses:

  • Marinades and glazes
  • BBQ sauces - Infuse your barbecue sauce with the robust taste of these molasses to add a smoky sweetness to your grilled creations
  • Smoothies - Blend these molasses into smoothies or shakes for a nutritional boost
  • Dressings 
  • Porridge and oatmeal - drizzle it over your morning oatmeal or porridge for a natural sweetener
  • and many more delicious foods!
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