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Elate Lip Color Pencil transforms lip makeup with distinct advantages. Crafted with clean, vegan ingredients, these pencils offer precise application and long-lasting color. The creamy, buildable formula ensures versatile looks from subtle to bold. With sustainable bamboo packaging, Elate emphasizes eco-conscious beauty.



  • **Clean, Vegan Ingredients:** Lip Color Pencils feature clean, vegan ingredients, aligning with ethical beauty practices.

  • **Precise Application:** The pencils provide precise lip definition, making them ideal for various lip looks.

  • **Long-Lasting Color:** Enjoy vibrant hues that stay put, ensuring a lasting and impactful lip color throughout the day.

  • **Creamy, Buildable Formula:** The creamy texture allows for seamless blending, adapting to your desired level of intensity.



  • **Defined Lip Contour:** Outline and define your lips with precision for a polished, finished look.

  • **Full Lip Coverage:** Fill in your lips with the pencil for full coverage, creating a base for extended lipstick wear.

  • **Versatile Lip Looks:** The buildable formula enables versatile lip looks, from subtle enhancements to bold statements.

In summary, Elate Lip Color Pencil redefines lip makeup with clean, vegan ingredients, precise application, and a sustainable approach. Achieve defined contours or full coverage effortlessly for versatile and eco-conscious lip looks.


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