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Evernia Body Butter is a skincare essential with evident advantages. Its rich, hydrating formula and versatile application nourish and soothe the skin effortlessly.



  • **Rich Hydration:** Deeply moisturizes, leaving the skin soft and supple.

  • **Natural Ingredients:** Free from harsh chemicals, providing pure and gentle skincare.

  • **Versatile Application:** Suitable for the entire body, addressing dryness from head to toe.

  • **Long-Lasting Moisture:** Ensures lasting hydration throughout the day.

  • **Pleasant Fragrance:** Infused with a delightful scent for an enjoyable application experience.



  • **After Shower or Bath:** Apply Evernia Body Butter

  • on damp skin for maximum absorption and hydration.

  • **Dry Skin Relief:** Perfect for soothing and alleviating dry and rough skin areas.

  • **Hand and Foot Care:** Ideal for intensive moisturization of hands and feet.

  • **Daily Skincare:** Use regularly for overall skincare and to maintain skin softness.

  • **Enjoyable Pampering:** Treat yourself to a relaxing and fragrant body butter application for a sensory experience.

Evernia Body Butter simplifies skincare with its rich, natural formula and versatile application, ensuring deep hydration and nourishment for the entire body.

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