JusTea 12 compostable tea bags

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12 fully compostable tea bags in a decorative Tin.  

Makes 24 cups of tea.

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12 fully compostable tea bags in a decorative Tin.  

Makes 24 cups of tea.

JusTea stands for Justly Made Tea. Your purchase of our award-winning flavours and packaging, positively impacts the lives of hundreds of families in Kenya! When you partner with JusTea you are providing employment for small-scale farmers in Nandi Hills, a Women’s Tea Co-op in Meru, and artisan families who hand-carve the spoons that go on every tea tin. With your support, JusTea has created over 200 sustainable jobs in rural Kenya. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation. We travel back and forth to Kenya, offering you the first and only farmer-direct Kenyan tea! Farmer-direct means that JusTea buys tea directly from the farmer, instead of through sales brokers like most other tea companies. This farmer-direct model means you receive the freshest tea possible and the farmer receives a fair wage! JusTea is not just a feel good story, our teas taste amazing and have won numerous awards for their premium flavour and beautiful packaging. We are also the first company to offer new Purple Tea! This unique tea variety only grows in Kenya and is the healthiest tea you can drink! Purple Tea contains more antioxidants than Green Tea with less than half the caffeine. Asante Sana... Thank-you for supporting small-scale Kenyan tea farmers with us! -Paul Bain (Tea Captain)

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