Reduce Waste this Canada Day

  • Jun 27, 2023
  • By Shelbea Julseth-White
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This Canada Day seek zero-waste alternatives with us! Preserve the environment by adopting practices that limit waste production during the celebrations of Canada Day. As we celebrate the nation's history, culture, and achievements this day can increase waste generation, with long-term negative impacts and high costs.  

One of the ways in which we can adopt zero waste practices during Canada Day celebrations is by of course eliminating single-use plastics. By using reusable dishes, cutlery, and cups, we can reduce plastic waste and promote a healthy environment. Additionally, we can avoid using items such as straws or solo cups, which are simply not necessary!

Friendly product reminders: Reusable bowl covers and bags, bamboo utensils and plates, reusable straws, storage containers and bags!

Another way in which we can limit waste production during Canada Day celebrations is by reducing food waste. During large-scale events such as Canada Day, there is often an abundance of food, which can lead to waste generation. To minimize food waste, we can plan ahead of time and estimate the number of guests that will attend the event and their food requirements. Additionally, individuals can coordinate potluck-style meals where everyone brings a dish, reducing the chances of overproduction and waste. 

Recycling is also important. Set up recycling stations and promote the importance of separating recyclable items from regular waste for easy recycling and repurposing. Also ensure that food waste is composted properly!

Get creative with the decor: Skip the dollar store décor and get creative with crafts and second-hand items! One of the best is letting the signature red at the event be the food, watermelon, and strawberries pop so well. Great lawn chairs and colourful outdoor cushions can be used all summer long and can add a festive flair to any backyard BBQ. 

Buy local food/beer: Buying local means that there's less energy in transporting your food to your market. And at this time of year, there are plenty of local farmer markets around and local produce available in your favourite grocery store. Thankfully there is no shortage of Chilliwack breweries to choose from!

Maybe just visit your favourite refillery too for the essentials ;)