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    PickEco carries a variety of organic coffee and loose leaf tea in bulk. Come explore our coffees and teas along with the tools to make the perfect cup. Cost effective, refillable and creative herbal blend making!

    51 products
    Sleepy Time Tea (House Blend)
    PickEco Refills
    from $3.50
    Pour Over Coffee Carafe 400ml
    Vanilla Chai Black Tea
    Metropolitan Tea Co
    from $3.75
    Spearmint Tea
    Spearmint Tea Organic
    from $1.75
    Evernia Everlast, Wellness Tea Blend
    PickEco Refills
    from $4.00
    Pumpkin Spice Black Tea
    Metropolitan Tea Co
    from $4.00
    A gorgeous glass and stainless steel French press with a 3 cup capacity from Cafe Culture brand.
    French Press 3 Cup, Cafe Culture
    Glass teapot with metal infuser and lid for loose leaf tea.
    CH'A Teapot
    White background with a glass jar filled with Calendula Petals.
    Calendula Petals
    Golden Bough
    from $1.00
    Peppermint Tea
    PickEco Refills
    from $1.80
    Experience the rich warmth of Mulled Wine Cider Mix – a harmonious blend of aromatic spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Infuse your space with festive joy as this mix transforms ordinary wine or cider into a flavorful and comforting delight, perfect for cozy gatherings and celebrations.
    Mulled Wine Cider Mix
    PickEco Refills
    from $6.00
    Appearance: The leaves are typically flat, thin, and needle-shaped or curly, often ranging in shades of green, from light, bright greens to deeper, more vibrant hues. Texture: The leaves can feel dry and delicate to the touch, and when steeped in hot water, they unfold and release their green color, sometimes floating in the water.
    Japanese Green Tea
    PickEco Refills
    from $2.75
    French press 8 cup, cafe culture
    Dried Lemon Peel, a burst of citrus sunshine, presents itself in a container, showcasing vibrant yellow twists. The peel, dried to perfection, retains its zesty aroma and rich color. The texture is crinkled yet promises a potent burst of lemon flavor. With its sunny appearance, the dried lemon peel invites culinary exploration, hinting at its potential to add a lively zest to various dishes, beverages, or homemade concoctions.
    Lemon Peel Dried
    PickEco Refills
    from $4.30
    Nettle Leaf, a nutrient-packed herb, offers natural anti-inflammatory benefits and supports skin and hair health. Known for its versatility, it is commonly used in teas and supplements for overall well-being.
    Nettle Leaf Organic
    PickEco Refills
    from $2.00
    Swiss Water Detox Decaf Coffee
    PickEco Refills
    from $7.35
    Rosehips Pieces Seedless organic
    PickEco Refills
    from $18.75
    Mango Iced Tea 12oz Wize Monkey
    PickEco Refills
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