5 Essential Eco-Friendly Camping Supplies

  • Sep 27, 2022
  • By Salina Derish
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Camping season in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area is basically tradition for a lot of people and families. There is nothing quite like camping for the way it allows us to trek into the wilderness and reconnect with nature! And in order to make sure our BC wilderness stays just the way we like it – pristine, rugged, wild and beautiful – there are a few things we can each do to make sure we preserve our beautiful forests, lakes, rivers and mountains while we enjoy them. One of those things is using eco-friendly camping gear! To help, we rounded up five essential eco-friendly camping supplies. Keep reading to learn more and drop by the PickEco Refills shop in downtown Chilliwack or shop our selection online to grab your supplies!


Bar Shampoo

Bar shampoo is one of the most simple yet effective eco swaps that individuals can make, and it’s great for camping, too! Bar shampoo is super easy to pack – it’s lightweight, compact and eliminates any worrying about spills. Bar shampoo is also planet-friendly – there is no need to keep buying plastic bottled shampoo.

But does bar shampoo actually work? Yes! Bar shampoo is effective and smells amazing if you opt for a scented bar!


Metal Locking Food Containers

Keeping food fresh and secure can be a challenge when camping. You want to make sure your containers can withstand a bit of ruggedness without breaking or melting in outdoor conditions and can lock to avoid spills.

That’s why we think metal locking containers are perfect for camping! They won’t shatter if dropped on rocks or gravel or while being transported and won’t melt or release harmful toxins if left in the sun. Keep leftovers secure in these locking containers, and use these metal containers to pack a lunch as you go adventuring.


Bamboo Utensils and Metal Straws

If you’re in the market for some new camping utensils, consider picking up a to-go set of bamboo utensils and a silicone or stainless-steel metal straw! This reusable cutlery is handy and lightweight and easy to clean, and reusable straws are perfect for sipping a lake or ocean-side pop. These items eliminate the need for disposable cutlery and help you cut down on waste!


Routine Natural Deodorant

Seasoned campers know that things can get a little… ahem… fragrant… after a few days out in the bush. That’s why we suggest packing Routine Natural Deodorant. It’s strong enough to hold up to your hiking, kayaking or ultimate frisbee activities, won’t pollute the water if you go swimming with it on, comes in an eco-friendly glass container and is a healthier alternative to conventional deodorants.


Insulated Travel Mug

Sip your coffee or tea in an insulated travel mug so you can kick back and relax without worrying about spills while your drink stays warm for hours, and without the need for disposable cups. Plus, if you grab a spill-proof mug, you can even take your hot drinks with you on your outdoor adventures throughout the day!

Being mindful to care for our earth is an important part of camping, and thankfully it can be easy to do so! Making a few simple swaps allows us to protect the great outdoors while we enjoy it.

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Images courtesy of EcoVessel, Routine Natural Deodorant and Bottle None Bar Shampoo.