5 Zero-Waste Activities for Kids

  • Apr 25, 2023
  • By Kai Eady
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Zero-waste activities can be fun and engaging for kids, and they can play an important role in reducing waste in their homes and communities. In this blog post, we will discuss five zero-waste things that kids can do.

Use Reusable Bags, Water Bottles, and Lunch Boxes

Disposable bags, water bottles, and lunch boxes contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Encourage kids to use reusable items such as cloth bags, stainless steel water bottles, and lunch boxes made from sustainable materials. This can help reduce waste and conserve resources. Kids can also decorate their reusable items with stickers, paint, or markers to personalize them.


Start a Composting Project

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for gardening. Kids can start a composting project at home by collecting food scraps, yard waste, and other organic materials in a bin. They can learn about the benefits of composting and how it helps to reduce waste in landfills. They can watch how their food scraps and waste turn into nutrient-rich soil, that can be integrated into a future garden. This article from the Environmental Protection Agency provides tips on starting a composting project at home.


Participate in Litter Clean-Up Events

Litter is a major problem for the environment and contributes to pollution in our oceans and waterways. Kids can participate in litter clean-up events in their community, such as beach clean-ups or park clean-ups. Not only can this be extremely satisfying to see the change from a polluted to green area, but it highly benefits the environment and community. Participating in litter clean-up events can help raise awareness about the impact of litter and the importance of reducing waste.


Donate Old Clothes and Toys

Kids grow out of clothes and toys quickly, and these items can end up in landfills. Encourage kids to donate their gently used clothes and toys to charity or thrift stores. This can help reduce waste and provide resources to those in need. Kids can spend a day or two collecting the toys, clothing, and knick-knacks they own but don’t use/wear anymore and fill them in bags to donate. Kids can also organize a clothing or toy swap with friends or classmates to make it even more fun.


Create Eco-Friendly Art Projects

Art projects can be fun and educational, and they can also be eco-friendly. Kids can create art projects using recycled materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastic. They can even use leaves, flower petals, and rocks to make their own eco-friendly paints and mediums for art. They can learn about the benefits of recycling and how it helps to reduce waste. This article from Green Child Magazine provides ideas for eco-friendly art projects.


In conclusion, there are many fun and engaging zero-waste activities that kids can do to help reduce waste and protect the environment. By encouraging kids to make sustainable choices and participate in environmental initiatives, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet by nurturing these habits.


By: Priyanka Bangalore