Lower Your Grocery Shopping Waste

  • Oct 01, 2022
  • By Salina Derish
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Grocery shopping is a major part of anyone’s lifestyle. However, it can also be a major part of a person’s waste contribution. We’ve had quite a few people asking how they can reduce their waste while getting their groceries, so we’re giving you a few tips to learn how to do just that! Happy shopping! 


Bring Your Own Shopping Bags: 

We know, this one seems like an obvious one. But we also can’t stress how big of a deal it is. Canadians use as many as 15 billion plastic bags every single year, so getting in the habit of using totes or reusable grocery bags could truly make an impact.  


Reusable Bulk Bin Bags:

Bulk is a fabulous way to reduce your waste, especially when you use reusable bulk bin bags. They’re light enough that they won’t impact the weight of your product and they’re great for travel and keeping those dry goods fresh! 


Repurpose Your Mason Jars: 

Mason jars are SO in style when it comes to home decor right now. So when you’re out and about shopping for sauces, opt for the ones in Mason Jars. They can be repurposed in storing dry-goods, used as drinking glasses, or even as small vases! 


Skip the Plastic Produce Bags: 

Only needing one onion from the produce section? Skip that plastic produce bag! You can also opt for bulk veggies and fruit verses the pre-bagged ones! There is also the great option of using reusable produce bags as well.  


Plan Out Meals and Make a List: 

The absolute best way to avoid food waste is to plan! Figure out what your meals and snacks will be for the week, make a list, and avoid over-shopping. Also be honest with yourself about what items you truly will use and what will just sit in your fridge or on your counter wasting away (We’re looking at you, brown bunch of bananas). 


Buy From Refill Stores: 

We may be a little biased, but we think Refill stores are pretty incredible. It gives you an opportunity to take all of those plastic containers from food, toiletries, etc. and fill them back up! There are great zero waste stores located all across the lower mainland, including us! We have an amazing selection of foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies and SO much more. Pop in and see what we have to offer, and learn all the great ways you can reduce your waste in everyday life.