Treats and Tricks for a Low Waste Halloween!

  • Oct 01, 2022
  • By Salina Derish
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Halloween is a fun time for all ages. Who doesn’t love seeing all the little ones dressed up in their hallow’s eve best?! But there is one thing about Halloween that really rattles our bones: The waste. Now we get it, with all the costumes, decorations and candy it can feel pretty darn tricky to hold your festivities to a low waste standard! If you’re stumped, check out our tips below on how to make your Halloween less scary for the environment.



We love Halloween treats as much as the next person, but the wrappers they can come in? Not so much. But there are a few options to keep the trash to a minimum! We suggest:

  • Popcorn in a paper bag
  • Candies in recyclable packaging such as cardboard or paper
  • Halloween themed pencils and erasers
  • Crayons


The whole point of Halloween is to dress up, so it’s safe to say that this one is a big one! But when you think about how many people buy a costume, wear it once and send it to the trash, it can actual be big hit on our planet too! To avoid being a part of the dress and dump cycle, try:

  • Buying costumes second hand.
  • Host a costume swap!
  • Use old clothes or thrift store finds to do a DIY costume.
  • Use a costume that only needs face makeup



The only thing scarier than fake spider webs? Realizing what they’re made of and how long they take to decompose. Instead of using plastics and synthetic fabrics to decorate, opt for these handmade decorations:

  • Jack o’ Lanterns (We know this one is obvious, but they decompose wonderfully!).
  • Make hanging skeletons out of white paper and twine.
  • Make your own spooky scarecrow out of old clothing and yard leaves
  • Use window markers to write eerie messages for trick or treaters

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Happy Haunting!